Digital Group members can now upload to the site

The Club Website is now open to Digital Group members.
While we are trying this out I would like you to follow the simple rules laid out here:
- each member can load UP TO 5 images into the “Digital Group Gallery”.
- they can change these images as often as they like BUT MUST NOT EXCEED THE TOTAL 5
- “Articles” such as News, planned events, book recommendations etc are always welcome and there is no limit on these but please remove them when they cease to be relevant
- the website has a User’s Guide which will explain how to load images, articles etc. If you have any questions please e-mail me first and if I can’t help we will contact site assistance
- Images must be JPG format and the longest side can be no more than 800 pixels

If you want to start uploading e-mail me and I will give you details on the URL and password (well, we don’t want every Tom, Dick and Sally putting their rubbish up do we.)