Friendly Competition against Shaftesbury Camera Club

Score Title Name
10 A Smashing Time Keith Boyde
10 Gone with the Wind Reg Clark
9.5 The Stair Ivor Goddard
9.5 Derelict Richard Wills
9.5 Thoughtful Val Clark
9 Reflected Beauty Colin Gogerty
9 Fishing Nets Paulette Robinson
8.5 An Early Start Brian Wadie
8.5 Through the eye of a horn Chris Rees
8.5 Lit up Lulu Peter Thrussell
8.5 Stepping back in time Stan Maddams
8 Getting in on the action Dee Maddams
8 Old Age George Hughes
8 Underground Graham Fox
8 I told you there were fairies at the end of our garden Jayne Lucas
8 Precioitation Ken Hawkins
8 Ratatouille Ken Thomas
8 Yellow Rally Car Lesley Foot
7.5 The High Street Martin Foot
7.5 Street Artist Michael York
7.5 Acer, Westonburt Arboretum Tom Jardine
7 Greek Lady Emily Endean
7 Rose Margaret Adamson
7 Rush hour in New York Maureen Robertson
200 Total