Friendly Competition against Shaftesbury Camera Club

Score Title Name
7.5 The Needles Brian King
9 A Moment of Terror Brian Wadie
8 Heads Chris Rees
9.5 The Fighter Colin Gogerty
8.5 Two Wheel Champ Dee Maddams
8.5 Friendship Emily Endean
9 Bridge to Nowhere George Hughes
8 Wait for Me Graham Fox
7.5 Yellow Fields Ivor Goddard
10 Purple Dawn Jayne Lucas
9.5 Cheers Keith Boyde
7 That's How I See It! Lesley Foot
8.5 Air Time Luke Grayson
9 Abisko Aurora Lynne Harvey
8 Untiltled2 Lynne Sorce
8 Rose Margaret Adamson
7.5 Coffee Time Mike Brown
8 Watching the World Go by Paulette Robinson
7.5 We Three Limbs Peter Thrussell
10 Ecstasy Reg Clark
9.5 Bourton Mill Richard Wills
8.5 Pelican Dive Stan Maddams
7 It's the Way I Tell'm Nanny Stan Robinson
7.5 Here Comes the Bride Val Clark
201 Boscombe Total
206 Shaftesbury Total