Print and PDI of the Year 2016

Print and PDI of the Year 2016
1 Splash Dee Maddams
2 Photo Realism Richard Wills
3= Courting Stan Maddams
3= Cheetah Stan Maddams
HC A Storm's Brewing Emily Endean
HC It's been a long day Jayne Lucas
HC Purlin Brian Wadie
HC Stained Glasses Paulette Robinson
1 Pelican Dive Stan Maddams
2 Vulcan's Arrows Brian Wadie
3 Green Orchid Bee Dee Maddams
HC Oops! Paulette Robinson
HC Fire of Passion Keith Boyde
HC Gotcha Stan Maddams
HC Cheers Keith Boyde
HC Fishing for Lunch Jayne Lucas
HC Font View Ivor Goddard