John Diffey Trophy 2018: Detail

Mark Title Name
All in A Row
10.0 It Went That Way Chris Rees
10.0 By the Light of the Silvery Moon George Hughes
9.5 Poles In Pink Sam King
9.0 Aquatic Plant Reflections Dee Maddams
9.0 vultures Stan Maddams
8.5 Beach huts Jayne Lucas
8.0 Nearly all in a row Paulette Robinson
8.0 Movement Reg Clark
7.5 Happy Times Brian Wadie
7.5 Ready for the Day Ian Robertson
7.5 row houses Ivor Goddard
7.0 Boats Margaret Adamson
6.5 In a row Julie Astin
6.5 body parts Val Clark
10.0 Going Under Reg Clark
10.0 the high jump Val Clark
9.5 Lift off Brian Wadie
9.5 grasstrack stan maddams
9.0 Speed Sam King
8.5 Way up High George Hughes
8.0 Superbike Racing Dee Maddams
7.5 Wimbledon 1937 Chris Rees
7.5 We are Up Ian Robertson
7.5 Grass track Jayne Lucas
7.5 Sport Julie Astin
7.5 trampolining Margaret Adamson
7.5 Runners in pink Paulette Robinson
6.5 who's nearest Ivor Goddard
10.0 Into the Sun George Hughes
10.0 Boscombe Pier Fireworks Jayne Lucas
10.0 hoverfly stan maddams
9.5 Harvest Mice Dee Maddams
9.5 Lost in Thought Reg Clark
9.0 Water Clouds Julie Astin
9.0 Heat wave Paulette Robinson
9.0 Castle Under Galaxy Sam King
9.0 burrowing owl balancing act stan maddams
9.0 country cottage Val Clark
8.5 Remembrance Ian Robertson
8.5 Primeval Reg Clark
8.0 One of us is upside down Brian Wadie
8.0 Present for Pyong Yang Chris Rees
8.0 Vulture Spat Dee Maddams
8.0 Freedom George Hughes
8.0 alley Ivor Goddard
8.0 Evening reflections Paulette Robinson
7.5 Hoodoo Ian Robertson
7.5 Someone's in trouble! Jayne Lucas
7.5 Radiance Julie Astin
7.5 Standing In Time Sam King
7.5 mr whippy Val Clark
7.0 I'm Waiting Brian Wadie
7.0 Chess by Moonlight Chris Rees
7.0 Sunflower Margaret Adamson
6.5 fog Ivor Goddard
6.0 sad flowers Margaret Adamson