PIDDI Cup 2018: Round 3 Details

Rank Score Title Name
1st 5 Encroaching Fears Reg Clark
2nd 4 Going Home Graham Fox
3rd 3 Bottle vision Jayne Lucas
HC 2 Spiral shades Richard Wills
HC 2 Winged Warrior Reg Clark
HC 2 The All Seeing Eye Colin Gogerty
HC 2 Heavy Lifter Brian Wadie
1 Rainbow at Lelant Val Clark
1 Dog Tired Val Clark
1 Rain Drops Val Clark
1 Bellowing Red Deer Stag Stan Maddams
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker Stan Maddams
1 Colonnade Stan Maddams
1 Orions Belt Sam King
1 Dark Durdle Sam King
1 Fabulous Fireworks Sam King
1 Rock Pool Richard Wills
1 The Hemisphere Valencia Richard Wills
1 The Witching Hour Reg Clark
1 Flying high Jayne Lucas
1 Lonely Flight Jayne Lucas
1 Thinking Graham Fox
1 Speed of Light Graham Fox
1 Marsh Tit Reflection Dee Maddams
1 Harvest Mouse Dee Maddams
1 Boat In The Bay Dee Maddams
1 The Surfer Colin Gogerty
1 Its not all Black and White Colin Gogerty
1 Storm Rider Brian Wadie
1 Dragon Flight Brian Wadie